In this section you will mostly find personal creations, either totally original or modified by me, ranging from Icons and Animated Wallpapers, to Programs and Tutorials, all related to Aquafying your Windows computer.

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  Guest sets

new! Hein's M.A.C.
A new set of 10 icons by Hein Mevissen ( , converted to .ico for AquaSoft.
Hein's Metal X set
Hein Mevissen ( offered this set of 64 pngs exclusively to AquaSoft people
Hein's G5 2.0 set
Hein Mevissen ( created this set and converted it to png for us Windows users.
OSX Server icons
Several icons ported from OSX Server by Deleted (from AquaSoft), converted to ico by me.
Hand-made icons
Either built from scratch or based on an existing icon.
Most of them are in png format, 128x128.
Player Controls
Nothing special this time. Those are meant to replace the icons for the player menu that come with mobyDock. 5 ICOns in 32, 24 & 16 sizes.
Extract in (mobyDock folder)\dockconfig\MP3-Remote Icons
1950s Danish rosewood clock, Phantasie Antik
Clock hands (dark beige) were removed in original icon, in order to have a clean clock face for our dock
Kousmichoff tea, Dean & Deluca
Tin boxes are useful for storing small objects, papers or photographs. This one can be used to represent your computer, photo album or anything
Heigh's Chocolate, Let's Eat, Prahran, Melbourne
As an icon, it can be used to identify folders. Replacing the logo or the black stripe will result in numerous variations and will fill your desktop with chocolate
Tokyo bag
A shopping bag is always more fun than a briefcase. It can't beat a Luis Vuitton, but it's file transfer with class
Classic binoculars,
Try this one if you want to replace the original picture preview app icon, the program you use to access a remote computer, etc
Swiss Paperway bin, by
Much darker than the IKEA bin used by Apple, but it's a must for design addicts. Comes in two flavours, empty and full. Please recycle
Greetings from Greece
The icon depicts the logo of the Athens 2004 Olympic games as a stamp, along with the Hellenic Post Office logo (Hermes' head). There is also a second icon included, with an orange mail indicator on top right
Hellenic flag
I wanted to make a keyboard language indicator dockling, but I haven't done (and probably won't do) anything but this flag.
For the Greek visitors out there or those that have something that "it's all Greek to you"!
Magic Wand
Assign this icon to your favourite application and you'll end up feeling like Merlin.
Scanner Assistant
Helper applications for gadgets like scanners, webcams, printers etc. usually have their own user interface. Now they can have your icon of choice.

iChat States
Let your iChat icon depict your current condition. Use them with your mobydock msn-item or elsewhere.

From left to right: Offline, Online, Invisible, BRB, Busy, Away, Out to lunch and On the phone.

Serius States
Another set for your msn dock icon, featuring the alien being from the distant star.

From left to right: Offline, Online, Invisible, BRB, Busy, Away, Out to lunch and On the phone.

iCal Tastes
PNG sets consisting of 366 icons for every day of the year. Use them in any dock or Samurize configurations. Click the pictures to download the set of your choice.

iCal normal
These icons are based on the original iCal icon for OSX dock, which is slightly different than the sets available for PCs.
iCal colours
Honey, Olive Green, Thalassa Blue. Full sets in several colour variations.

iCal blanks
Blank icons in the above colours, plus Bondi Blue, Fuchsia and Edible Green.

Paper calendar
The default colour is red, but it may be altered to the colour of your choice. They actually look much better with a darker background!

Weekday Clocks
If you are a little like me, it's likely that you forget from time to time where you are and what day it is. At their normal size (128x128) these clock faces will help you out of the situation. Get the icons here and try the UpdateIcons program from the software section, just a few lines below.

Little applications for little (annoying) tasks.

iTunes 2 Winamp - Playlist Converter
Get your M3U playlists back with this tiny tool. Check the "Readme" file before playing with it.
I guess it can't be considered a Beta yet.
Update Icons
Use this one to update your Calendar or Clock icons daily. You don't need to have your numerous iCal icons in the same folder as your dock icons. Just instruct this program where everything is, and let it do the work for you.

Folder Wizard
"Change Folder Icons" has evolved. And since the new version has more functions than the previous one, it needed a new name, too. Folder Wizard lets you easily change the icon, tooltip and background picture of a folder, and the colour of the icon labels within.

You can have as many clients open as you want and then sort your fo
lders accordingly.
Drop many folders at once
Double-click on the window to shrink it to icon size.
Do not use it on system items (desktop, control panel, etc.)