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iEx Settings v0.1

by Mad_Mike

iEx is a utility for Windows XP that displays a grid of thumbnails, each representing an open window on your computer. When you click on a thumbnail it brings the corresponding window to the front, so it can be very useful for people who like to have a lot of windows open at once.

It was created by siwu, who was kind enough to allow InsaniSoft to write a program that simplifies changing the options. Our thanks to Sharpie30K, as well, for supplying the icons.

Why don't you give it a try? Like with different email hosts or games, internet poker (hey you never know), you won't know if you like it and find it useful until you try it. It is quite easy to install, and all the steps are broken down clearly on this page. If you have a question or you get stuck, feel free to get in touch! Check out the forum for more feedback. Thanks for your visit!



After installing the program, run iEx.exe and right click on the iEx system tray icon. Choose "Settings" to display the following dialog:

The font and magnification size settings only affect the thumbnail that you are currently pointing to. You can use a font size of 0 to disable the text display, and a magnification size of 0 to prevent the thumbnail from changing size.

The transparency settings do not affect the Preview area of the program dialog. They are only used by iEx when you are pointing to a thumbnail.

Click in the Preview area to change the displayed text (the default is "Untitled - Notepad").

While iEx is running in the system tray, you can press one of the Hotkeys or move the mouse to one of the screen corners to perform the desired action. (You can set more than one screen corner to the same action; for example, you can choose "Hide all windows" for all four screen corners.)

If you are using a program like Notepad and choose to "Show thumbnails (current program)," iEx will only display thumbnails of open Notepad windows. This feature can be used to find a specific browser window hidden under a mountain of pop-ups.

If any program or class fails to work properly with iEx, add it to the appropriate exclusion list. iEx will ignore these windows when it creates thumbnails.

The classes which are excluded by default (DXDesk, Progman, and SysListView32) are required by iEx. If you remove any of them, they will be re-added before the new settings are saved.

Clear the "Confirm removals" checkbox if you don't want to be asked if you're sure each time you click Remove.

If you accidentally erase your "iEx.ini" file (or erase it on purpose because you somehow messed it up), run iEx_settings.exe and a new file will be created using the original defaults.



1. Download and install the following files into your Windows\System32 folder. These files are required by programs written in Visual Basic (such as this one). These system files will be downloaded from the Microsoft website.

  • Visual Basic Runtime files
    Click on the link and choose to Open the file. Right click on "VBRUN60.EXE" and choose Extract. Choose a temporary folder like your desktop and click Extract. Run the new EXE file on your desktop. You may have to reboot your computer. Afterwards, you can delete the file from your desktop.
  • ComDlg32.ocx
    Click on the link and choose to Open the file. Choose Edit -> Select All, then File -> Extract. Choose a folder and click Extract. Right click on the INF file that was created and choose Install. Now you can delete both of the files that you extracted.

2. Download iEx Settings (420K). Remember, by clicking the link you are agreeing to accept any and all associated risks. This file includes iEx v0.2a, which is the intellectual property of siwu and is therefore not supported by InsaniSoft.

3. Open the downloaded file. It will prompt you for a destination folder. You can use any folder you wish.

4. Create a shortcut to iEx.exe in your Startup folder, on your desktop, etc.



1. Delete the folder you created during the installation.

2. Delete any shortcuts you created.

3. The system files you installed are used by many other programs, so there is no need to delete them.



Comments for siwu, the author of iEx, should be posted in this forum at Aqua-Soft (free membership is required).

There is also this topic for InsaniSoft's iEx Settings program.

If you do not wish to join the friendly Aqua-Soft community, you can contact us by e-mail. Our address is InsaniSoft followed by the @ sign followed by excite dot com.

We hope you give this program two thumbnails up!

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