An outstanding new project commencing soon. It's aim is to be a studio project where talent from all over the Middle East can release their creativity and sign up with record agencies. The aim is to focus on various genres, especially those that have not been cornered in the region.
Do you have the talent? The know-how? The ability to wow people? Can you Flo is a project where a musical group will be put together with the aim of bringing garage, hip hop, and pop with a Middle Eastern twist to the market.
The Brazilian Ju Jitsu society has just undergone a completely new rebranding and product launch. Sporting a brand new sleek logo, website, and a range of products from Shirts to Shorts.
The Outlaw Project is a simple one. To bring you unique hip hop and amazing beats. Bahrain's #1 Hip Hop community is supported by Oxygen Inc. Both have the one goal of providing quality above all else.

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